This Friday! Meet beloved Green Bay gadfly Chuck Rybak

Chuck Rybak, our beloved gadfly of Green Bay
Chuck Rybak, our beloved gadfly of Green Bay

In the past year, UW-Green English prof Chuck Rybak has become a singularly celebrated and trusted voice on Wisconsin’s legislative policy and budget attacks on the UW System. His  blog Sad Iron manages to be both comprehensively informative — no Wisconsin media outlet does a better job keeping up with the facts of a fast-changing landscape and framing the issues with insightful analysis — and poignantly expressive, painting with honesty, sincerity, and gallows humor all the emotions that come with living and working as an educator under current Wisconsin austerity. If you’ve ever turned to the Internet in despair after learning of the latest development in the dismantling of UW, and found him online, you’ve probably gotten the sense from at least one of his posts that Chuck gets you.

How does he do it all? Come to our open forum on Friday and find out. Chuck will talk job security in the UW System and anything else you’d like to bring up.

An Afternoon with Chuck Rybak
Friday October 30
3 pm
Holton 190

If you’re not familiar with Chuck’s work, you’re missing out.

Here are few highlights from the past year:

UW Struggle: Professors are from Pluto Edition (on the rhetoric of UW staff being somehow leaches on the state instead of contributing to communities (and the tax base!))
UW Struggle: The Banality of Weasels Part Duex (on the legislative changes to tenure and indefinite status, back in July)
UW Struggle: Real People Edition (on losses of stellar Green Bay faculty to out-of-state schools)
UW Struggle: Preemptive Horseshit Edition (on the rhetoric around “tough choices” to be made in the wake of announcements of budget cuts last spring — remember back then?)

It’s really hard to choose just a few of Chuck’s posts to highlight. You’re better off reading everything on his blog, Sad Iron.

Hope to see you Friday!

Helpful flyer created by Chuck. View for more.
Helpful flyer created by Chuck. View for more.