UWM AAUP: Principles of Organization and Effectiveness

Principles of Organization and Effectiveness
Presented to the Chancellor’s Campus Organization and Effectiveness Team
November, 2015

The graduate students, academic staff and faculty of UWM’s AAUP chapter call on CCOET to recognize and prioritize the vital role of teaching and research in both generating revenue and promoting the university’s core mission while working to balance the university’s budget. We call on CCOET to abide by the following principles in its work:

1. Make protecting employment of staff and faculty the first priority of any reorganization.

2. Uphold AAUP-compliant practice on tenure, indefinite status, and shared governance.

3. Any changes to compensation, whether through salary cuts or furloughs, should do the least harm. Those earning more should contribute more.

4. In keeping with the research mission of UWM, work to raise graduate stipends as well as to make salaries of faculty and staff competitive.

5. Protect racial, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity among faculty, administration, students and staff.

6. Education is a right: students at UWM have a right to affordable college education. Ensure that in restructuring the university, costs are not passed on to students.