Statement of Principles: March 2016


The graduate students, academic staff and faculty of UWM’s AAUP chapter call on Chancellor Mone and the university administration in general to recognize and prioritize the vital role of teaching and research in both generating revenue and promoting the university’s core mission while working to balance the university’s budget.

We set forth the following principles for this campus:

● To promote and defend shared governance and academic freedom at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and throughout academe; specifically, to uphold AAUP-compliant policies regarding job security and workplace democracy; and to ensure an open and transparent decision-making process in any budget cutting or program restructuring.

● To promote and defend higher education as a fundamental human right to which freedom of inquiry and expression are integral; in particular, to defend the vital mission of UWM to provide democratic access to a first-class, Research 1 university to all of Wisconsin.

● To ensure that any changes to employment and/or compensation, whether through layoffs, salary cuts or furloughs, should do the least harm to the educational and research missions of the university. Those earning more should contribute more; layoffs of those with least power and resources should be minimized and balanced by cutting the most remunerative and powerful positions.

● To work to raise graduate stipends as well as to make salaries of faculty and staff competitive with similar R1 institutions.

● To promote and protect racial, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity among faculty, administration, students and staff; to provide a diverse educational and research environment for students and faculty to explore and experiment with different disciplinary approaches to fulfilling the Wisconsin Idea.

● To ensure that in restructuring the university, costs are not passed on to students through tuition hikes.