Help Save Graduate Education

From the AAUP:
The tax bill passed by the House of Representatives threatens to devastate graduate education by reclassifying tuition waivers as taxable income–a move that, if it becomes law, would result in an untenable financial burden for many graduate students. It would also repeal the current Student Loan Interest Deduction, which would result in an increased cost of roughly $24 billion to student borrowers over the next decade. The Senate Bill did not include these provisions.
You can help stop these provisions from becoming law. 
As the House and Senate work to reconcile their bills, it’s vital that you tell your Members of Congress that you oppose the House version. Call or write your Members of Congress today through this advocacy link provided by the National Humanities Alliance:
Download a sign to hang on campus here.
Learn more about the proposal to tax tuition waivers here:
Local opportunities to protest the grad tax:
Meet up with others passionate about democratic public education: