UWM Chancellor Mark Mone on the Proposed Tax on Graduate Tuition Remissions


To our region’s graduate students and everyone who is impacted:

UW-Milwaukee is quite concerned about current legislation that includes provisions that remove the deduction for interest paid on student loans. Adoption of this legislation would significantly increase the tax liability of our – and all – graduate students. This is not acceptable.

We are advocating for changes to the tax reform bill so students are not adversely affected. Keeping graduate education accessible and affordable is among our highest priorities.

We have been in direct contact with our Congressional representatives this week on Capitol Hill. We shared a statement from one of our graduate students regarding the bill’s impact and Congresswoman Gwen Moore included that statement in her speech to the House of Representatives.

We have joined forces with the UW System and federal relations lobbyists for Marquette, UW-Madison and the Medical College of Wisconsin to collectively make the case against the provisions of the tax reform bill. Last month, our University Relations office and Graduate School prepared an advocacy letter with resources and information that our students and greater community have used to communicate their concerns. Further, our distinguished professors issued a letter to the UW System, our Board of Regents and our congressional delegation.

In the week ahead, we will reinforce our lobbying efforts after the Senate and House conference committee is appointed to work out a compromise.

More broadly, we are concerned by how this bill could affect graduate education and many other elements of higher education. We join you in solidarity for the sake of higher education as we know it.



Help Save Graduate Education

From the AAUP:
The tax bill passed by the House of Representatives threatens to devastate graduate education by reclassifying tuition waivers as taxable income–a move that, if it becomes law, would result in an untenable financial burden for many graduate students. It would also repeal the current Student Loan Interest Deduction, which would result in an increased cost of roughly $24 billion to student borrowers over the next decade. The Senate Bill did not include these provisions.
You can help stop these provisions from becoming law. 
As the House and Senate work to reconcile their bills, it’s vital that you tell your Members of Congress that you oppose the House version. Call or write your Members of Congress today through this advocacy link provided by the National Humanities Alliance: http://p2a.co/ZkGXFz8.
Download a sign to hang on campus here.
Learn more about the proposal to tax tuition waivers here: http://www.nhalliance.org/senate_passes.
Local opportunities to protest the grad tax:
Meet up with others passionate about democratic public education:

Campus Equity


  • Check out #2017CEW resources on the One Faculty, One Resistance site.
  • See Carolyn Betensky’s essay in the recent issue of AAUP’s magazine, Academe“Tenured Allies” and the Normalization of Contingent Labor.                                        It’s time for tenured faculty to address the elephant in the room.
  • Take action: A group of tenured, tenure-track, and contingent faculty is circulating an open letter to the editors of U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges Ranking system proposing that the magazine consider adjusting the “faculty resources” section of the rankings in order to reflect more accurately current academic realities. Add your name to the letter here.
  • Join us! The UWM AAUP fall annual meeting is Friday, November 17, 2017 at 3:30pm in Lubar 110. David Vanness (Madison) will be our guest of honor and will be giving a talk titled “The Right to Silence: UW System’s Policy on Protest.”